Just another day in Atlanta

Discussion in 'Holsters / Method of Carry' started by moga, Oct 11, 2010.

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    I have yet to have a negative encounter while OC. Yesterday was no different in that respect. What was a little out of the ordinary is the number of people that approached asking curious questions about either the law as it pertains to firearm carry, sharing their supportive commentary on an armed citizenry, or posing questions about make/model of the holster. That's never happened before, and I actually expected the opposite from the Sunday morning church crowd at Mega Lo-Mart in Ellenwood. I also got a non-response from Atlanta PD that pulled in to the car wash after me and came into view as I was bending down to pre-wash my wheels. The people at my vet's office behaved like I was concealed. Ditto while getting a cold drink from AM/PM, and again, there was an APD patrol car in the lot with perfect view of my going from/to my vehicle. And so on and so forth. The only demerit I deserve stems from my not having any GCO cards to share with the curious.

    I am a firm believer in if you look like your doing nothing unusual while you openly carry, generally people will also arrive at that conclusion.
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    Ellenwood ain't exactly the nicest neighborhood, either. I've never seen anywhere else that has a daycare center right across the street from a prison.

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    The store on Anvil Block road is a new WM. It's also the closest place for ammo relative to my house. I don't know so much about the surrounding community as I only go down there for pistol fodder. The closest WM to me is on Gresham Rd...talking about a neighborhood that's not so nice! That's the worst store ever -- its small, dingy, and cramped and the people that shop there are some of Atlanta's finest.

    Speaking of ammo, it's gone up, again. Federal Champion 40SW is now $15.
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    Ya know, that could actually be the result of good urban planning. Makes visiting hours much more convenient.
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    something tells me that a number of those kids will pretty much go from the kiddie daycare right over to the gubment daycare, at least they won't have far to go.
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    Get some cards! They're free! ;)
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    Agreed, get some GCO cards. They are not completely free for CountryGun as he pays for the postage himself. It would always be nice to reimburse him for his cost and a little extra to say thanks. I plan on doing it the next round after I found that out.

    Also, I agree. Open carry, act like nothing is out of the ordinary and pretty much everyone else will too.

    Great job open carrying in the ATL, Moga. Keep it up.

    I get the same positive reactions and questions when I open carry as well. Its really great. :righton: :D