Judge Pulls Gun in Courtroom

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    JACKSONVILLE, Fla., March 27 (UPI) -- A Jacksonville, Fla., judge drew his handgun when an accused child molester was attacked by an alleged victim's father in court.

    "I didn't know if he was going after me or the bailiffs or the defendant," Circuit Judge John Merrett told The (Jacksonville, Fla.) Times-Union.

    The father, who had not seen the defendant before the court appearance, hurdled a railing and landed several punches on the handcuffed and shackled man before bailiffs restored order.

    Merrett said that once he saw the situation was under control, he handed his gun to the court clerk and asked her to lock it in a drawer. Merrett has a concealed weapon permit and said he'd do the same thing again, the newspaper reported.

    But Duval County Public Defender Bill White said the incident was frightening. He plans to talk to the chief judge about whether judges should be armed in court.

    "It's very disconcerting for a lawyer to be in the line of fire," White told the Times-Union.

    The father was charged with felony aggravated assault and misdemeanor battery.

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  2. Macktee

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    The Public Defender found it "frightening". Da poor widdle guy...

    Anybody wanna bet he does not have a concealed carry permit? Or a pair?
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    probably not ,but he needs one for that magnum load in his pants :lol:
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    Lol... like THAT never happens!

    On a side note: Thank God the judge was above the law of the common man since you or I couldn't carry in his courtroom.

    http://www.flsenate.gov/statutes/index. ... ch0790.htm

    any courthouse; any courtroom, except that nothing in this section would preclude a judge from carrying a concealed weapon or determining who will carry a concealed weapon in his or her courtroom;

    The only reason he could legally carry in his court, even WITH a permit is because he was a judge. None of us could carry there unless we ourselves were the judge or he specifically allowed us to :roll:

    Screw him!
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    Double post! Sorry!
  6. gunsmoker

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    Poor Public Defender

    If that poor timid creature can't bear the thought of being in a room with an armed man who is not in uniform, he can always decline to represent people in this particular judge's court. Judges have been known to ban particular lawyers, and some lawyers have shunned certain judges, over personality conflicts and, well, basically a disagreement on how much a lawyer can get away with in court before being held in contempt.

    "You have a gun! I'm going to tell your boss on you!" Whiney thing!