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Judge Judy Binge

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I know I am way behind the times on this. I've never watched this show before.

I also understand the technicals behind it. Its an arbitration with a cap limit of $5,000 and the producers pay the winnings regardless who wins. Usual Hollywood theatrics. Both parties walk away absolved.

I usually avoid reality TV shows like the plague...

However I've been watching this non-stop via YouTube for a few days and its like this morbid curiosity on how some people are willing to go on national TV in front of millions of people and make themselves look like stupid idiots. Sometimes they do it for sums of only a few hundred dollars (and a free trip).

Just about every type of cliche stereotype is present on this show.

My favorite episode so far is probably the midget repo man... :lol:

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She can smell BS a mile away and isn't too keen on welfare abusers.
Someone loaned someone money and the other said it was a gift is the bulk of the cases.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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