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Josh Wolf is now free.

The background...
San Francisco â€" Josh Wolf, a journalist who refused to testify before a grand jury about a protest he covered in July 2005, was released from jail today after 226 days behind bars. Wolf’s time in jail is the longest a reporter has spent in jail in the United States protecting his sources.
When he received news of his release, Wolf stated, “It took 226 days, but it was worth every second to get what I wanted from day one, which is that I will not have to testify before the grand jury about the events at the protest or the identities of participants. The demand for my testimony before the grand jury was the true assault on my code of ethics and, as I have stated previously, there will be, and has been no compromise to this resolute principle.


How far are you willing to go or how much are you willing to give up to preserve freedom?
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