John Adams

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    John Adams to Samuel Cooper, "I hope there is not a Gentleman . . . who thinks himself too good to take his Firelock", May 30, 1776

    "...You have given me great Pleasure by your account of the Spirit and Activity of our People, their Skill and success in fortifying the Town and Harbour: But there are several Things still wanting, in my Judgment. I never shall be happy, untill every unfriendly Flagg is driven out of sight, and the Light House Island, Georges and Lovells Islands, and the East End of Long Island are secured...."

    "...The Die is cast. We must all be soldiers and fight pro Aris et Focis*. I hope there is not a Gentleman in the Massachusetts Bay, not even in the Town of Boston, who thinks himself too good to take his Firelock and his Spade. Such imminent Dangers level all Distinctions..."

    :D ... 01776.html
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    I was born to late! I often wish I lived in that era.