Jewelry Store Robbery, Mcallen Tx

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Nemo, Jul 31, 2018.

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    7 illegal aliens (with prior deportations) went into mall jewelry store for armed robbery. 1 carrying a handgun. Breaking glass was reported as active shooter. A few seconds later an off duty cop interrupted it. That cop was backed up by an armed citizen.

    Fox news showed 12-15 second video this morning about 0955 and reported it as armed citizen. Guy comes in store a few seconds after cop enters, passing and ignoring the only armed crook. Citizen comes in and covers him, minimizing risk to both.

    My google fu skills are not very good. I cannot find a report with video that shows cop and armed citizen. The lower link below is reportedly a copy of the video that is on FB. I don't do FB so I cannot watch it. Shows just how thin google fu can be.

  2. moe mensale

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    Note how quickly the "security guard" is taken off guard. The second cop runs right past the scene, turns around and walks in right past the armed crook - who's wearing a mask! #-o

    There's a 3-person family at the entrance - who eventually manage to sneak out under the watchful eye of the armed bad guy. Notice the father has something on his right hip. Probably a cell phone. It's totally ignored by all the bad guys. What if it had been a gun? I'd posit that all the crooks would have totally ignored it also because they all have their mind - and their eyes - on the prize.

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    The armed man possibly saved the cops life