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    I have been reading about lifting a tj and I am very confused. If I am wanting 4" with 33x12.50 tires but every thing I have read says that I need a SYE and shaft or a t-case drop or MML to get the angles right if I go more than 2"

    MML I need a 1" body lift
    T-case drop I lose an inch of clearance (do not want to this)
    SYE costs about $600 with shaft

    If I am mostly driving service roads with mild off-road and hwy what would be the best option and why? I know this is almost as bad as the 9-.45 debate.
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    Jeeps are really short (driveline wise) so if you lift them you have to do some mods to get the shafts to work right. Sometimes a CV joint will help out with driveline angles. However, if all you are doing is mild wheeling and service roads I would go with the t-case drop. an inch of ground clearance for this type of wheeling really aint that important. :2cents:

    ETA: Pic of CV joint


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    Yes, you'll want the SYE. Otherwise it's a crap shoot whether or not you'll get vibrations. Just go ahead and get it now and then don't worry about it later. For 33s, I'm personally looking at a 2.5" OME lift plus a 1" body lift, though between those and the cost of regearing (4.88 with the 42RLE, 4.56 for any other TJ transmission) and then recalibrating the speedo it'll be a while. But before you spend money on a lift, you should spend money on armor. Fat lot of good fancy tires are gonna do ya when a tree branch punctures your oil pan or radiator, or a rock gets cozy with that stupidly exposed steering box...
  4. Matt Hammer

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    Most of the short arm 4 inch lifts come with a 2 inch transfer case drop hardware too. I have an 06 TJ, 4 inch lift with the transfer case lowering kit, and little problems. I will admit that since 2006 I'm on my 4th u-joint, but they have always broken when off-roading and not on the streets.

    One other note, are you keeping the same stock rims or going after marktet? I liked the new rims but even the 33X11.5 ended up rubbing. I used wheel spacers, but the 33's x 12.5 and everything seems fine.

    I admin, the SYE is the better way to go, and won't turn your transfer skid plat into a shovel so much.

    Good luck.