Japanese & their illegal airsoft guns

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    So they revised the laws to make the currently legal ones illegal? That's dumb.

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    So I guess when we raped them in WWII we took their balls as a war trophy.
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    Yep, they are on display at the Marine Corps Museum, Ooh freakin Rah

    Had to modify a bit though, wouldn't want to offend the Mothers Of Americatm
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    Firearms ownership in Japan is extreamly restrictive. I spent four years in Mainland Japan while I was on active duty and was one of the very few Americans to get a Japanese hunting license. The process is both extreamly expensive and complicated. There are taxes on every step to getting a firearms license and as an American Military memeber that was tax exempt on alot of the things it still cost me about two thousand dollars when it was all said and done. There is a background investigation involved that makes a NSA Secret Clearance check look easy. Then there are three seperate tests that you must take, each with thier own fee. You must show proof that you have secure, lockable, unmovable storage for firearms and ammunition in your residence. You must take a eye test to prove you can see well enough etc etc etc. Once this is all done you are allowed the priviledge of purchasing a shotgun for twice what you'ld pay for the same gun here. Oh and it can only be a shotgun. A Japanese citizen can not own or hunt with a rifle until he has had a license for at least ten years. Pistols are out completely. They are also limited to the number of guns they can own and are taxed annually for each one. Each firearm they own is entered into thier "blue book". The blue book almost exactly like a passport only intead of listing where you've been it lists your firearms by complete description. They must have insurance that would pay roughly ten million dollars in the event they negligently shot someone. They are not allowed under any circumstances to use their firearms for self defense. They can only use them for hunting and target shooting. What this all adds up to is that in Japan hunting and target shooting are a wealthy mans sport. While this results in some increadible hunting (literally the best hunting I have ever done in my life) it also results in problems with destruction of crops do to an overabundance of certain animals such as wild boar and monkeys. I did get some outstanding deals on shotguns wile I was there because the Japanese hunters always want the newest and best guns they can get and no self respecting Japanese hunter buys a used gun. This made the only market for these "trade ins" the Americans with license's because we were not limited to how many we could buy or keep. I bought $1400 shotguns for less than $100 on a regular basis. The soft air guns have been completely unregulated until now and manufacturers took advantage of this loophole to sell models that have much more power than the ones you get in the states. I have one that I bought over that that looks exactly like my Ruger P85 and has the power to soot them little plastic BB's through a coke can no problem. I think this new law is to combat the problem of kids shooting cars with them and causing bady dings and chipped paint. The big thing I got from my experiences in Japan was an even greater love of the freedoms we have as Americans and a stronger commitment to keep them.
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    Brady Bunch Drooling

    See, the Brady Bunch doesn't want to ban ALL GUNS, just the particularly nasty ones that are unreasonably dangerous. So long as the firearms industry modifies their products to meet the safety expectations of consumers and government regulators, all will be O.K.

    C'mon, you can still have guns that DENT aluminum beverage cans from a distance of 39 inches. You just can't have one that will penetrate the can. Be reasonable. You don't want someone to lose an eye, do ya?
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    Japan regs - wow. That sucks.
    What about bows & blow guns & things like that? I guess Japan still wants to keep things like int he "good ole days" of feudalism.