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Discussion in 'GA Laws and Politics' started by ridepate, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. ridepate

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    I want to be compliant in my hunting endevors. I'm afraid i'm too close to some houses. What or where can I find the distance laws for Jackson county???? I've looked and cannot find them.
  2. CountryGun

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    Look to DNR laws. I don't see anything on distance from dwellings, though I'm reasonably certain it exists. Keep looking! You must be 50 yards from a public road.


  3. ridepate

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    Guess I should have been a little more clear. Not just pertaining to hunting, but discharging in general???
    The reason I'm asking. We just aquired 14 ac adjacent to a subdivision. I just need definitions as to fireing in general, i.e targets, critters and so-on..
  4. 45_Fan

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    Start digging on Municode. In some places you only have to worry about the state restriction, in others local ordinances can be a good bit more restrictive.

    It might also be helpful to make nice with a local officer or two. They might still get complaints even if you are 100% legal, so you'd be a little bit ahead if they know you and your setup before they get phone calls about it.

    It wouldn't hurt to make nice with the neighbors either. Some of them might have the answers.
  5. phantoms

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    I know exactly what you're referring to and understand you wanting to be legal. While state preemption controls most firearms laws, discharging a firearm is left to cities, counties, HOAs, etc. to regulate at their will.

    In Chatham County, you have to be further than 1500 ft. from any dwelling that you don't have the permission of the owner. That's five football fields. Contact your local County and visit their websites to try to find where they keep their county ordinances and laws. Also, some cities and counties have special phone numbers that are for information (Savannah is 311) or to direct you to where you may find the information.