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So this guy feels free to ignore any law he doesn't think is right or constitutional? While I may agree with many of his beliefs about getting government out of our lives, he has crossed the line from libertarian activist to criminal. Okay, maybe to give him the benefit of the doubt, he may have fully intended to be arrested to generate publicity for his cause. that would put him more into the "civil disobedience" category rather than a common criminal.

But still, the fact remains that he refused to register his vehicle, and instead created his own "license tag" which he considered a valid substitute for the State-issued one. And he told the deputies at the courthouse that he didn't need any permit for his gun and could carry it into courthouses or anyplace else he wanted to. Hmmm.... yeah, that sounds like a nut.

When the court imposes a fine on him, he will probably refuse to pay it, arguing that the court has no jurisdiction over him and that any attempt to collect the fine is an illegal assault on his civil rights. The only question is, will he finally see the light, or will he carry on with his attitute until he ends up serving a real sentence in prison?

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This guy was not only asking to be arrested, he was BEGGING to be arrested.
This isn't a guy forgetting a gun was in his briefcase, if it were I would be they would have let him take it out and lock it up before he went in...


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Free to tote gun in courthouse? Deputies think not
In a 'World' of trouble in jefferson
By Todd DeFeo | [email protected] | Story updated at 12:16 AM on Saturday, January 13, 2007

JEFFERSON - A Gillsville man caught with a handgun at the Jackson County Courthouse tried to talk his way out of trouble, explaining he is a member of the "Freedom World" and doesn't have to follow laws that would stop people from carrying a handgun into a courthouse.

But Carey Earl Dowis' excuse that he is "immune from any of our laws" - as sheriff's Maj. David Cochran said - didn't fly with deputies who charged him with carrying a deadly weapon at a public gathering.

Dowis was arrested Jan. 5 after he brought the handgun in a briefcase to the courthouse, Cochran said.

"As (deputies) X-rayed that briefcase, they discovered that firearm," he said.

Dowis also told authorities he was at the courthouse to see a judge about probation, but authorities couldn't find any proof that Dowis was on probation. Investigators also don't think Dowis had targeted anyone.

"We don't have any evidence that he had any intent of harming anyone," Cochran said.

In the end, the episode tested courthouse security at a facility where an inmate last August took a deputy's gun and tried to shoot his way to freedom. The inmate was killed in the failed escape attempt and a sheriff's deputy was seriously wounded.

"We're always concerned when we find a firearm attempting to get into the courthouse," Cochran said. "Everything worked well. That always reassures you."

Deputies also impounded Dowis' Chevrolet pickup truck, which did not have a government-issued license plate.

Instead, the truck bore a tag purportedly explaining why he is exempt from state law. It displays his name in bold red letters, as well as an address and telephone number in smaller type, and cites specific state laws as proof of his rights to travel and to private property.

Authorities did not charge Dowis with operating the pickup on public roads without a license plate.

Dowis is scheduled to be arraigned in Jackson County State Court on Feb. 16.

The phone number printed on Dowis' license plate was disconnected and he could not be reached for comment.
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