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I've gone to the dark side

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I have gone to the dark side. I traded my way into this little tiny Glock this evening.

Glock 40 MOS with my Sweampfox Liberty green dot mounted. It has some holster/storage wear mainly on one side, but's barely been fired. Ther is no smiley or rub marks on the barrel hood. A 6 inch 10mm with 15+1 capacity should be a blast on the range. I'm looking forward to shooting this weekend.

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I could see myself getting a G40 with my next GSSF pistol win, but I'd probably end up going with a G20.

Unfortunately, GSSF discriminates against the long slides and shunts them all off into the Competition and Unlimited divisions, which have no power factor boost.

For 10mm, one might want to compete in heavy metal:
HEAVY METAL 170.111 This Division is for all competitors, both Amateur and Master, who wish to compete with their stock GLOCK Models G20, 21, 29, 30, 37, 38, and 39 GLOCK firearms. Adult (>18) competitors may use stock non-compensated models of these GLOCK firearms. Junior (
Same happens for my G34 that is pushed out of Am Civ and Master Stock into Competition or Unlimited. I end up having to just use my G17 in all these matches.
I actually think it would be MOS division. What you posted above only lists the G40 for junior competitors.
How do you like the Swamp Fox? What rounds are you going to be shooting?
I like my Swampfox. I’ve had no operational issues, the build quality is good, and the price is reasonable. I have this one with the green dot, and the same sight with a red dot on my S&W Metal frame M&P 9mm.

I’ll have to see what rounds it likes. The Springfield that I traded and my RIA 1911 bother shoot well with a 180gr plated over 9.8gr if Blue Dot and with a 165 plated over 9.6gr of Accurate #5.
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If I want a big wheel gun, I have some full power .45 Colt rounds for my Vaquero.
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