It's no longer "Stop or I'll shoot", now it's...

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    Stop or I'll leave tire tracks on your ass!

    Thursday, April 12, 2007

    UPDATED: 4:02 PM

    No indictment for cop in fatal crash

    A Jefferson County grand jury has declined to indict Metro Louisville Police Officer Ronald Fey Jr. for crashing his cruiser into an 18-year-old who was running from him Feb. 1.

    The grand jury decided today to not indict Fey on a charge of reckless homicide in the death of Montrell Mucker.

    Officials with the Jefferson Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office declined to comment.

    Christopher 2X, a community activist who has served as a spokesman for Mucker's family, said they respect the grand jury's decision and were now awaiting the results of the internal police investigation to "see if any policies was broke."

    "They was never looking for any criminal indictment," said 2X. "They wanted the facts and it seems the facts were presented to the grand jury and they has to live with that."

    The crash at 23rd and Dumesnil streets forced Mucker underneath the cruiser, causing fatal injuries.

    Fey, 32, remains on paid administrative leave while the professional standards investigation continues, according to police spokesperson Alicia Smiley. The unit will determine whether any laws or department policies were broken.

    At the time of the incident, Fey was on probation, having graduated from the training academy in September. Training Officer Christopher Turner was in the car at the time of the accident and has not been put on leave.

    A police report issued in February said two factors — distraction and not being under control — contributed to the crash.

    Police have said the incident began when Mucker was driving erratically and almost hit Fey’s cruiser. Fey attempted to stop the car, but Mucker bailed out of his vehicle and started to run, Maj. David Ray, who oversees the public integrity unit, has said.

    Fey then pursued him in the police cruiser while Mucker was on foot.
    After stopping at a stop sign at Dumesnil and 23rd streets, Fey’s vehicle crossed

    Dumesnil — steering left to continue on 23rd, according to the report. He then steered sharply back to the right while accelerating.

    "This action along with the wet roads caused the vehicle to rotate clockwise from the middle of the roadway toward the east curb," the report said.

    It goes on to say that Fey was watching Mucker running and "failed to control his vehicle as it was rotating."

    At that point the cruiser struck Mucker and forced him underneath.

    The report said Fey applied the brakes, as reflected by skid marks at the scene.

    After striking Mucker, the cruiser went off the road, hitting some steps and a fence while Mucker was underneath the cruiser.

    Drug and alcohol tests for Fey are pending, but the report indicated intoxication is not suspected as a factor in the crash.

    The report did not indicate how fast Fey was driving at the time. The speed limit in that area is 25 mph.
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    Re: It's no longer "Stop or I'll shoot", now it's.

    Now awating the arrival Jesse "Shakedown" Jackson and Al "Not so" Sharp-ton. 8)

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    Re: It's no longer "Stop or I'll shoot", now it's.

    Don't worry! They'll be there just as soon as they milk everything they can from the Imus thing...

    He was stupid, but they are worse!

    What really bothers me about those vultures is they make just as much noise about Imus as they did about the old lady in Atlanta who was shot down in her living room by the cops. It demeans her and her death!

    Words may hurt, but only if you let them. Bullets hurt no matter what you do.

    Those guys are jackels feasting well on the carcass of society. I wouldn't wipe my a$$ with either of them!