Issuing year 2012 style permits before 2012

Discussion in 'Ga. County Licensing Information' started by 70755, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. 70755

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    I'm just curious if any county will be issuing 2012 compliant permits before 2012, and if so when. My current one expires next Spring.
  2. Aberk

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    2012 permit? That's news to me.

  3. Kingfish

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    Since Dekalb is issuing plastic credit card material type cards now it would probably be the easiest for them to print the new features first.
  4. Kingfish

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    (2)(A) On and after January 1, 2012, newly issued or renewal weapons carry licenses shall incorporate overt and covert security features which shall be blended with the personal data printed on the license to form a significant barrier to imitation, replication, and duplication. There shall be a minimum of three different ultraviolet colors used to enhance the security of the license incorporating variable data, color shifting characteristics, and front edge only perimeter visibility. The weapons carry license shall have a color photograph viewable under ambient light on both the front and back of the license. The license shall incorporate custom optical variable devices featuring the great seal of the State of Georgia as well as matching demetalized optical variable devices viewable under ambient light from the front and back of the license incorporating microtext and unique alphanumeric serialization specific to the license holder. The license shall be of similar material, size, and thickness of a credit card and have a holographic laminate to secure and protect the license for the duration of the license period.
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    I bet some counties won't make the 2012 deadline and will issue GWLs same as now.
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    I thought I read somewhere that the Georgia Probate Council (or some name similar to that) will be responsible for making sure the licenses from the different counties are uniform. Hopefully they will have the design and the equipment ready to go way before then... but just as you said, it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see some counties not ready. My license does not expire until the end of 2012 and I will never get to see my new license. The world is supposed to end in 2012 ya know... :lol: