Islamic Perp Had CCW License

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    Two Comments

    Just because a jounalist writes (or announces) that the bad guy had a gun CARRY permit doesn't mean that it is so. The jounalist (who of course knows nothing about guns or gun laws-- none of them do) might be confusing the successful completion of a background check or the filing of a Form 4473 with a "CCW license." The jounalist might have simply meant to say that the gun was bought legally from a retail dealer and carried (in the suspect's private vehicle) in compliance with all applicable laws.

    Second point: This Pakistani muslim might have had a real CCW, and might have in the past had a legitimate reason for carrying a gun. (I mean a reason that everybody, not just gun rights activits like us, consider legitimate.) Maybe he was a taxi driver, or desk clerk at a motel, or maybe he ran a convenience store? He might not have gotten the CCW with the intent of "legally" carrying a murder weapon to the scene of a massacre.