Islamic Militant Training Camp near Macon?!?!

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by CoolHand, May 24, 2007.

  1. CoolHand

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    This was on the "Hometown" georgia board at this morning. Anybody heard anything about these folks?

  2. pro2am

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    If they were in prison, wouldn't most be a felon, in which case they are not even allowed to be around guns, let alone handle one.

    Our government at work.

    This kind of goes hand in hand with my Sudden Jihadi Syndrome post...they're already here and in training.

  3. Tinkerhell

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    I'm in Macon, basically, and have not heard of this. Though our esteemed POS mayor is supposed to have converted to Islam back in Feb.

    A bit of google work has turned up:

    This story has made it all over the net but not much else related to Macon & radical islam.

    Apparently all of the places listed are within 60 miles of either a military or nuclear installation (base or plant or both).

    I've emailed the author to see if he knows/will tell me a more specific location.
  4. Malum Prohibitum

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    Cool! Reconnaissance!
  5. legacy38

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    That doesn't shock me at all about C. Jack Ellis (C stands for crazy, I'm sure).

    I think my favorite C. Jack story has to be when stopped a driver for what C. Jack termed as reckless driving. His mayor's vehicle had illegal blue lights in it, and C. Jack just happened to be driving himself that day. He stopped the car, called for a traffic officer, and ordered the officer to write a citation for reckless driving. The officer declined and called for a supervisor. The supervisor came to the scene and wrote the citation. The driver played it cool and took the citation straight to his lawyer who promptly got it dismissed and alerted the media.

    C. Jack wasn't prosecuted for false imprisonment. I believe his mayor's vehicle was transferred to the PD to make it legal.

    C. Jack blamed it all on a lack of training in the PD.