Is there a limit to infringing on the right to assemble?

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    Like people under 18. Arbor Place Mall doesn't allow unescorted teens (under 18 ) into the mall after 6pm Friday and Saturday. ... ryid=94333

    Of course,

    Since this is private property, I assume it is OK? Seems pretty extreme to me... 6pm it isn't even close to dark during the summer. Couldn't it be considered discrimination if there isn't some kind of equivalent local law? What if the kids needed school supplies or wanted to use a public pay phone in the mall? I joined the Marines at 17 and if they told me I couldn't go to the mall I would be furious!!

    It's probably on the up and up but wow... seems kinda wrong! I wonder why they just don't remove the miscreants and allow the rest to shop? Typical to focus on an entire group than to worry about those that actually cause trouble. :?

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    You think that is bad, you should have been at that mall on a friday and saturday night before this policy was enacted. I am in favor of it. Now irresponsible parents won't beable to just drop their kids off at the mall so they can terrorize and reign free as they see fit. Mall policy prohibits weapons of any kind on mall property, but you would be a fool not to go to this mall armed.
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  4. Laziness on the part of law makers always enables the good to be punished because of the bad. Never fails.
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    Yep, I've seen one of these turds put up against the wall for fighting...and like always he was yelling about police brutality...I think they busted his nose because he was fighting them too. I know of a guy that OC'd a kid because he was harassing them even after numerous demands to leave them alone. You should see some of the skanky dressing girls...I wonder what really goes on. They don't shop...they group together and impead on the people paying the real money shopping. I know from a friend about their stepson getting into trouble over smoking weed there. I guarantee you that numerous autos have been broken into. I've never been to a mall for any type of school supplies...I'd go to Walmart or somewhere like that. Crime should go down and shopping enjoyment should go up. They are not banned from places like the movie theatre or store with outside entrances. I don't even like watching movies in their presence because they instist on making noise...then I have to go get management. It's not that I think that they shouldn't be allowed...its the fact that the parents release them without any supervision to do whatever they will find trouble or trouble will find always happens. What do you think will happen if one or a group of these punks desides they will take something of yours...say either breaking into your car or holding you and/or your wife up...most of us carry and some carry more than just a gun and some know ways to put people into extreme pain with just their hands, feet and protects the kids from making bad choices. You bet their are kids that are good kids that go to peacefully hang out with their buddies and have never and will never do anything stupid...but evidently there is much more of the opposite going on here.
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    I can guarantee you of one young lady that was carjacked at gunpoint in the parking lot of Arbor Place.
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    Quite a number of malls around the country have imposed similar regulations. Sales go up, more adult shoppers start coming to the places and problems go down. Waaaay down.

    Unfortunately, all the kids are kicked out because of the behaviour of a relaltively small number of young punks.
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    If it is private property they can do as they please.

    But this brings up an interesting question...Would people allow the mall to ban all people of hispanic origin {or insert any racial class here} because they say they cause crime and don't buy stuff? I think not.

    I generally support this, but only half heartedly. The money that non-trouble making teens bring in is probably insignificant.
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    I know when I was a teenaged mallrat, the arcade made a small fortune off of me and my friends.