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This is the first I have heard of this. Google is my preferred search engine because it gives me the returns I seek. I have tried others, and they do not work well. Sometimes other search engines are not even able to find web sites I visit all the time but do not have bookmarked.

Yahoo is the worst. It was the default on the wife's iPad. Type in What is Trump's position on x, y, or Z, and you get 50 results on Trump Is The Devil and Why Hillary is Better than Trump (hyperbole, but not far off the mark).

So, let's hear it.

(A) Is Google bad?

(B) Why is it bad?

(C) What alternatives are better?

(D) Why are they better?​
There are lots of articles that discuss it (you could Google it)... :lol: but here is an example:

Another blogger shared the results of his spam folder in Gmail...most of it was from right leaning organizations.

Personally, I am bothered in the censorship of some remarkable things in history (Doodles on their landing page) but yet the celebration of other things. Such as:

I understand how "great" the results can be and I admit that I use a lot of Google products (Gmail, calendar, an Android phone) but that doesn't mean that I agree with how they are doing things. And no...I am not going to stop using their products to "take a stand". There are over 1 billion monthly views of Gmail, so me forgoing Google will do nothing to stop their takeover of the world. It is what it is.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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