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From VCDL Alert
9. Chicago gun buy-back nets $1,700 for shooting program

HAHAHA! I love what a gun group, "Guns Save Life", in Illinois just did with a 'gun buy back' in Chicago.

Buy back my rear end. It's a buy up. The government never owned these guns.

The short version:

[See photos at the link]

The long version:

Long story short: Some unnamed corporate sponsor coughs up about $600,000 in pre-paid credit cards to be given away in Chicago for guns in any condition on July 21. A number of Guns Save Life members donated various clunkers and non-firing pieces of (s)crap metal and on that fateful day, I ventured to the heart of the not-so-nice part of Chicago and traded a total of 23 guns for 23 $100 pre-paid credit cards, netting $1700 for Guns Save Life.

We thought it fitting to use that money to sponsor ammunition for the NRA Youth Shooting Camp this weekend at Darnall's in Bloomington.

This is the longest-running NRA camp of its type in the nation!

Not only that, but we used most of five of the cards to buy two CZ rifles to be given away to two of the lucky young people at the camp!

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Why Oh Why can't some GA corporation be similarly stupid???

What a wonderful way to get some actual money out of those useless old clunkers bouncing around most peoples' gun safes!!!

Just wonderful!!! :lol:

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