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    This was not my first class with Ironclad but I still learned so much and had a ton of fun. Rob is a solid dude and knows his stuff very well. The price is definitely right for the quality of training you get and I will definitely be back! This class in particular assumes that you have a basic working knowledge of the ar platform and pushes you from that point. He also offers a beginner's class that is a prerequisite to this class.

    Rob started off by reviewing the fundamentals and giving an overview of the class. This was fairly brief and to the point, then we moved outside from the classroom for the fun stuff.

    I won't go into detail about the program but I will say that it is very active and a great change of pace from shooting paper from a static position. There was allot of steel shooting action and you get to know your limits as well as your gun's.

    I brought 500 rounds and used it all (save about 3 straggler rounds). In the future, Rob said that he will probably recommend that as a minimum and you can bring more to use and drill with if you so desire. Make sure to bring water and sunblock, today was not too hot but the warmer months are coming.

    I'd highly recommend taking a class with Ironclad, you will not be disappointed. His pistol class is also great, and there are some more advanced pistol and carbine classes in the works.