Iraqi PM anxious for US troops to leave

Discussion in 'Off-topic Political' started by bdee, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. bdee

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  2. MyFred

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    I totally agree!! Not one country there is worth a single drop of American blood. If they won't be unleashed to fight a war as they are capable of, then bring them all home!!!

  3. bdee

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    I can't think of a single country we should be defending. I say we bring our troops home from every single country.

    Let Britain, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc. defend themselves. The only troops we should have in any foreign country are the Marines to defend our embassy. The only 'treaties' we should have with a foreign country are free trade deals.
  4. Malum Prohibitum

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    bdee, would you have felt the same way during the Cold War?
  5. rainmaker

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    I'm sure that any day now, we are going to find the WMDs, and proof that Saddam was involved in 9/11. It's just taken a little longer than we expected. :shakehead:
  6. bdee

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    First, the Cold War ended twenty years ago.
    Second, most of the proxy wars fought were because we saw the world in a polarized way. Many of the countries were fighting for their independence. Because we refused to oppose our allies, Britain and France, in reestablishing their colonial empires after WW2, the Soviets were happy to step in. That gave us Vietnam and the arming of the mujahadeen to fight the Soviets.

    Ultimately, however, I believe that people are responsible for their own governments. If they are happy with a dictatorship, they'll have one. If they want a socialist democracy, they can have one. If they want a radical theocracy, that's up to them. If they want a capitalist republic, good on them, but I feel the same way about all of them. We should should not spend a dime or give a drop of blood to support any of them.

    The business of America should be business and not making the world safe for democracy or capitalism or anything else.
  7. Malum Prohibitum

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    I read your post twice and could not discern an answer. I may be that you are writing over my head. Please try to answer more simply, as if speaking to a child who asked the question, and perhaps I will be able to grasp what you are saying.
  8. bdee

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    To make it simple...... yes, I would have felt the same way during the Cold War.

    Mainly for the reasons I stated earlier. People are responsible for their own form of government.
  9. seereus

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    So then you would had been ok with Cuba acquiring Nukes?
    After all, they would had been responsible for their own govt.

    Ok with terrorist training camps operating unhindered?
  10. bdee

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    First the Cubans.

    We financially supported a dictatorship that oppressed its own people. When some in Cuba rebelled, we actively supported that dictatorship. The Soviets were more than happy to step in and give them help.

    The only business we should be in is selling those weapons. Not deciding for another country what what weapons is proper for them to have.

    As for terrorist training camps, we are the ones who armed the mujahadeen (who later became the Taliban). The Soviets were very concerned about Muslim fundamentalism especially in their own central asian territories, mainly because it was a threat to their public stance on atheism. They invaded (set up a government who invited them in, only to execute that government's top leaders) and set up a government that demanded gender equality, free health care for everyone, and that all religion be conducted in secret. The Reagan administration decided that it would be preferable to arm the Taliban and other groups like al-Qaeda than allow that invasion to stand. We eventually helped the mujahadeen to victory.

    How has that worked out?

    Yes I say stay out of it.
  11. Hack Causality

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    What gives us the right to tell another country what they may or may not have? If they use those weapons, or threaten us with them, THEN we act. We spend trillions of dollars trying to preempt violence against the United States, when we could accomplish the same goal more effectively by severely punishing transgressions. The response to 9/11 shouldn't have been two wars, it should have been half a dozen thermonuclear ICBMs.

    Good call.
  12. bdee

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    I am surprised at how venerated Reagan still is by the right.

    He consistently added to the deficit
    He was a believer in gun control.
    As governor he was pro-choice, but when he ran as president he acted as though he had always been pro-life.
    He signed the amnesty bill into law.
    He was arming Iran when they were considered an enemy.

    His major accomplishments:
    He added to the deficit in an arms race that ultimately bankrupted our archenemy the USSR.
    He convinced a democratic congress to lower marginal tax rates that created a long period (7-8 years)of economic growth.