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    Anyone uses Ipad? I have a friend whow ants one and he asked me how much memory he should get (16-32 or 64). I have no idea what to answer to him. I checked a little bit on Internet and for surfing, watching a few movies and a few apps, they say 32 would be plenty....

    Any comment?

    Thank you
  2. RedDawnTheMusical

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    32 is the standard - Apple sells the most of those. I like to have several movies, several tv show episodes, a lot of music, and a bunch of apps on mine when I travel. When I do that I'm at about 45 - 50 Gb. I probably would have bought the 32 if it had been in stock. If you don't plan to carry a lot of media around with you, you could easily get away with the 16. It is simple a matter of how you plan on using the device.
    Here is presently what is on mine and the space it takes to give you an idea:
    Audio: 17.5GB = 2800 songs
    Video: 18.4 GB = 3 movies (Hot Tub Time Machine, Grosse Pointe Blank, Where Eagles Dare) and 18 tv episodes (South Park, Family Guy, etc.)
    Photos: 0.66 GB = 864 photos
    Apps: 3.1 GB = 5 full screens of apps, including some large 30+ meg apps and the "The Elements" app which is a ridiculous 1.7 GB on it's own
    Books: 0.04 GB = 4 full length novels and several PDF files
    Other: 1.5 GB = documents and other stuff

    Totals 59.176 GB with 18.3 GB free

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    I have the middle one with 3G. I love it and use it every day. It wirelessly syncs up with my computer at the office for calendar and contacts -- and I can also access case files that are scanned-in through mobile me.
  4. Adam5

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    I say, buy once cry once, get as much memory as you can afford. There is a $100 difference between the 32g and the 64g. If I'm going to spend $600 to get the 32, I may as well go ahead and spring for the 64.
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    Amazing device I use it every day at the university and the office.. the ultimate tool.
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    Funny, the same thing has been said about the President...
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    I have the 32, but I'm using maybe 8GB at most.
    However, I have a 50gb drop box account that I use for all my files. That keeps them synced with my computer, and doubles as my off site backup.
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    My wife is about to get one for school. Most of her textbooks at Life Univ are available for download to it. There are also a lot of medical related software packages available.

    If we can get to the point that most days she just needs to carry the iPad or the iPad and her MacBook, it will lighten the load in her backpack significantly.
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    I've got the cheapest model. 16GB, Wi-Fi. Haven't filled it up yet. I mostly use it at home, though. Videos get streamed over the network. I see no point in putting tons of music on here, as it's way too big to be an MP3 player. My phone does that, and fits in my pocket, and half my music is streamed these days anyhow. If I do happen to be out somewhere and need to get online, I just tether it to my phone. As long as you know and accept the limitations of the device, it works very well within those boundaries.

    Unless you intend to carry around tons of media files, I think you'll be hard-pressed to fill up even the smallest capacity. I really don't need ten hours of video on hand at all times...
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    I'm using my 64GB 3G model right now. I've had it since launch day (April 30) and every day I fall more and more in love with it. It's a great device. So useful, small and quite powerful. I have a lot of media (mostly movies and TV shows) and then all of my playlists on it. I can't imagine living without it now!
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    I feel the same way about my iPhone. :)

    I've honestly used my iPad less and less since I got it. I still think it's a great device, but after I got it I used it a lot in place of my iPhone.....now I'm just too lazy to grab it a lot of times and I just use the iPhone instead. I still have a number of friends that got them with me on launch day that still use theirs a TON. One guy is a writer, and he uses it in lue of a netbook for mobile writing.
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    I have the 32 GB with 3G. I use it all the time when I travel. I have all of my music and company manuals in PDF format on it. I also have a couple of dozen Kindle books on the Kindle app. I only use a fraction of the memory, of course I don't download movies or other memory hogging stuff.

    The only real squawk I have is the lack of Adobe Flash. I have a couple of training websites I really need to use which use Flash. As a result, I can't use the Ipad for those websites. If you can live without Flash, it is a great little device.
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    ROFLMAO!!!!!! +1 for you sir.
    I'm not going to chime in on the Ipad to each his own. But the punch line above was epic!
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    In my experience, it's always advantageous to purchase the most amount of memory possible for any computing device.