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Okay, finally had an adrenaline rush for a quick moment yesterday afternoon.

I work near my place of residence in Gwinnett County. We work in a strip mall with about 5 tenants and one soon to be completed suite. (landlord is remodling the building) Of the 5 tenants, 2 of us do not serve walk in customers. We usually just lock our door to avoid soliciting, even though we have an 8 1/2 x 11 sign stating the obvious in english terms for those who do not understand the "No Soliciting" sign on the door as well.

The other day 3 males decided to come in our office. They claimed to be looking at the suite being completed to open a restaurant. They came in to ask if we could make photo copies of some notes. My boss in the office closest to the door allowed one of them into his office as the other 2 looked around. (casing perhaps?) Description of the men 3 black males, about 6 feet or so tall, mid 30's, wearing very large tshirts and shorts, pretty dirty looking sneakers. One of them did not speak english, not sure what dialect it was. If they were opening a restaurant man, they werent very outgoing with customer service skills.

My boss began to ask questions and didnt get many answers, let alone english spoken very well. These grown men sounded like a bunch of 4 year olds. While the other 2 were looking around, until I came out and asked them if they needed something, I couldnt help wonder why didnt they stop at the suites between us and the one being worked on for copies? (or better yet the Kinkos right by us) There is a trophy shop and a hair dresser before us. Or did they stop there as well? (checking the place out perhaps?)

After the copies were made they left in a slow manner and continued out the door. We didnt see if they went into the remaining 2 suites, but even my boss thought that was a bit strange.

I dont usually get this gaurded when strangers walk in, heck we are in a small strip plaza and it's common place for people to mistake us for a public merchant. But you know when things just dont feel right or even look right? Thats this feeling......

About a year ago the suite next door was broken into. They didnt take anything as they are a carpet vendor. They seemed to be looking for quick cash and hit 3 other small strip plazas in Suwanee, according to the responding officer.

I posted this as talk about work carry and things like this seem to be discussed a bunch. My boss of course knows I carry, and has his carry license as well (he doesnt carry yet).

Of course I joked and said I should keep a shotgun in my office and pretend to be cleaning it on such occaisions..... :lol:

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Never ignore your gut feeling. If it seemed odd and out of place, that's because it was! I had a similar experience years ago and it was obvious that the guy was either casing or about to rob us. He saw the video cameras and monitors and left the building.

Ultimately, you want to be ready like this guy.
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