Interesting letter/comments in the ABH

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    Pondoldt's essay is written like an sixth grader's position paper. Point out that "no rights are absolute" and then insinuate that people have reason to be fearful of the opposition's ideas. Second Amendment wasn't meant to give teeth to Amendment I? Is that right? He must have graduated from the same government schools as I. That poor schmuck probably believes to his core that it was meant to grant permission for Colonialists only to arm against the British crown and no other DANGEROUS, TYRANNICAL governments. Why? Because there wasn't yet a standing army to defend our country. The rights to bear arms as we know it today ended when a proper army was commissioned and assembled for the defense of the United States :-? How that makes sense to some people is anyone's guess.

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    I think it is funny reading that sort of thing.

    Like if the government turned on the people, there would be a war declared and the full might of the military would be brought down on one family. More likely is the deterring factor of small arms. Are you more or less likely to screw over someone if you know they can fight back?
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    What does he mean, "begins"?

    Now he's getting it.