Interested in group membership @ American Classic Marksman?

Discussion in 'Ranges, Dealers & Smiths' started by Editingfx, Jan 14, 2011.

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    Though it's not offered on their website, I have a suspicion that if a few folk presented themselves as a group to ACM, a deal might be struck for a discounted membership.

    I had a membership there, really enjoyed the staff, the brass policy and the firing line rules. But I let it lapse last year (had to tighten the belt all around), and now I'm itching to get back to regular shooting. I was waiting until Sharpshooters opened, to see what their "deal" was going to be, but it's turned out to be way too "upscale" for a brass-recycling, "wanting to practice for IDPA/IPSC" shooter like myself.

    So - anyone interested? Shoot me a PM.