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Hey fellas, I've got an Intel server stack that I came across in some recent trading. It runs perfect, just needs an operating system. I can put Linux (Ubuntu) on it if you'd like. It's in great condition. I'll post a picture and Hardware specs below.

P.S. This server has 2 processors (dual-socket).

Hardware Specs:
* Intel SE7501WV2 Server Board
* Intel Xeon Dual 2.40GHz 533MHz Bus Processors
* 2GB DDR Server Memory
* 80GB HardDrive
* CD-Rom Drive
* Floppy Drive
* ATI 8MB Rage XL Video (2x Outputs, 1 Rear and 1 Front)
* Dual Ethernet Ports
* 3 -USB Inputs (2 Back and 1 Front)
* 1 -Serial Ethernet Input
* 1 -Keyboard (Which it will come with a Y-Splitter for 2- PS/2 Inputs)
* 1 -Short PCI-X Slot (Not PCI or PCI-E)
* 1 -Long PCI-X Slot (Not PCI or PCI-E)
* No Sound Card
More On Specs:
• Dual Intel® XeonTM processor in the Socket 604 INT3/FCPGA package
• 533 MHz Front Side Bus
• Intel® E7501 chipset
- E7501 North Bridge
- P64H2 I/O Bridge
- ICH3-S South Bridge
- Segment A: 32-bit, 33 MHz, 5 V (P32-A) with two embedded devices:
• 2D/3D graphics controller: ATI Rage* XL Video Controller with 8 MB of
• ATA-100 controller: Promise Technology* PDC20277 (ATA-100 board only)
- Segment B: 64-bit, 133 MHz, 3.3 V, PCI-X (P64-B) supporting the following
• One PCI I/O riser slot capable of supporting full length PCI add-in cards
Dual-channel Intel® 10/100/1000 82546EB Gigabit Ethernet Controller
• Segment C: 64-bit, 133 MHz, 3.3 V PCI-X (P64-C) supporting the following
• One PCI I/O riser slot capable of supporting low-profile PCI add-in cards
• Dual-channel SCSI with Zero Channel RAID (ZCR) and host RAID support
(SCSI SKU only)
• LPC (Low Pin Count) bus segment with two embedded devices:
- Platform Management Controller (PMC) providing monitoring, alerting, and
logging of critical system information obtained from embedded sensors on the
server board
- Super I/O controller chip providing all PC-compatible I/O (floppy, serial,
keyboard, mouse)
• X-Bus segment with one embedded device:
- Flash ROM device for system BIOS: Intel® 32-megabit 28F320C3 Flash ROM
* Two external Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports with an additional internal header
providing two optional USB ports for front panel support
* One external low-profile RJ45 serial port. An internal header is also available providing
an optional serial port.
* One IDE connector, supporting one or two ATA-100 compatible devices
* Support for up to seven system fans
* Fault/Status LEDs throughout the server board
* Multiple server management headers providing on-board interconnects to server
management features
* SSI-compliant connectors for SSI interface support: front panel, floppy, and ATA-33

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Forgot to add price.. I'm asking $200 Or best offer

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