Insurgent - One nabbed

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    I received this report from my brother, who lives in Meriwether County. I have cut and pasted his report verbatim. I think he's doing mushrooms again.

    Monday 3A.M.--ultra sensitive sound monitors detect rear perimeter breach.
    (Charlie jumped up barking after hearing noise outside back window.)
    3:01a.m.-Forward scouts go out to recon.(Marsha is first with shoes, lets Honey
    out and follows.)
    3:03a.m.--Reports back to headquarters of insurgent entrenching itself.
    Coordinates relayed thru rear entrance to call in artillery strike.
    (Marsha shouts an armadillo is digging up the back the
    monkeygrass and horseshoe pit.)
    3:04a.m.--Heavy artillery is trained on location. One round makes direct hit
    on unsurgent foxhole. One enemy insurgent killed. No other
    casualties or wounded.(Aimed 12 guage Turkey load and wasted
    fat armadillo. The Good Lord called him home.)
    3:10a.m.-Big Brass notified of artillery report.(Somebody heard me shoot and
    called the cops.)
    3:22a.m.-Reported to Big Brass that all conditions now quiet and order
    restored.(Told cop I shot it and everybody can go back to bed.)
    11:00a.m.- Remains of insurgent taken to next known kin.( I thoed him out on
    side of the road by a roadkill cousin of his.)
    END OF REPORT.--Capt. Daniel/Commander of Cedar Street Forces.

    A follow up report RE: insurgent...
    The now famous Capt. Armadillo Daniel reports that the insurgent seems to have acted alone, though he is a known member of a group hiding nearby.(That was the only armadillo.)
    The identity of insurgent is Mohammadillo, a member of Talibanadillo Sect. It is stated that he called on Allah-dillo as he passed on to meet his 72 virgin oysters-on-the-half shell. END OF REPORT.
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    I could use your bro down in Senoia. A coyote barked at me a few days ago when I was at the edge of my woods. I had to pull up coyote sounds on the interwebz to be sure--definitely the bark.

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    I think its pretty funny, although some one may need to cut back on the WWII movies on Military Channel for a while.