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Some of you may have read my thread about going to the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park, but then not being allowed to shoot at the 600 yd target, because the iron sights on my PTR 91 only went up to 400 meters. After that, I posted a thread about trying to mount my budget scope, with a budget mount, on the rifle. That did not go well, at all.

I’ve really gotten into shooting with iron sights anyway, so I decided to add a longer range rear sight. I went online and found the last HK 1200 meter rear sight that had in stock, on clearance, for about $80.00 off of their regular price (and over $200.00 less than

The scheduled delivery date was the next Monday. I was hoping it would come on Saturday, so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the mailbox today (Friday), and there it was! I was able to remove the regular rear sight, install the new sight, and then adjust for windage and elevation, all with the one specialty tool that I found at Home Depot:

(Just in case anyone is unsure, the “specialty tool†comment is sarcasm. It’s just a regular stubby Phillips-head screwdriver.)

Here’s the sight on the rifle:

The closest setting is 200 meters and then it goes up 100 meters at a time to 1200.

The target backers at my gun club are pre-set at specific yard distances and cannot be moved. So, I went to the near-by public range so that I could set the backer at 30 meters. The line of sight, and bullet trajectory, is supposed to intersect at 30 meters and then again at 200 meters.

I put four targets at 30 meters and then started trying to dial it in with ammunition that I simply call “German surplusâ€:

I started low left and then adjusted the shots into the 1.5†red square:

Next was a 3†red square:

And then a 2†red square:

And then a 1†square:

(I think I adjusted to the left before the last two shots that are right above the red square.)

On all of the red square targets, above and below, I was trying to touch the top of the front post to the bottom of the square (6:00 hold).

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Since the targets were so close, I decided to see how I could do with Wolf Polyformance steel-cased ammunition. I put two more 2†red square targets at 30 meters:

(The 3-shot group was my first three shots. If I’d only known, I could have stopped there and then just posted and bragged.)

Next I put a “Dog†target at 30 meters. The target is scaled to simulate a full-sized army “D†target at 100 yds when placed at 25 yds. So, at 30 meters, I guess it simulates a prone person at 120 meters. This was shot with Wolf ammo too. (49 out of 50)

I switched back to the German surplus and then moved the target backer to 100 yds (max distance). I put out a Red Dawn “Bunker†target, and “Observer†target.



I fired one shot each at each target:

And then four more each after that:

(The forth shot was off of the target paper, but still would have struck the bad guy in the helmet.)

I finished my shooting with what I call a Hostage target at 100 yds. However, I fired at the red silhouette (hostage) and not the black ones on either side. The target is 12†wide by 18†tall, so I assume that it is a 2/3 size target.

I’d notice earlier that most of my shots with the Wolf ammo were slightly left on the targets at 30 meters. When my first four shots at the red silhouette were under his right shoulder, I decided to make another windage adjustment. However, I had a brain fart and adjusted the wrong way. That resulted in the shot in the right shoulder of the right black silhouette. After adjusting the correct way, the next two shots were just right of the center-line of the upper chest. Then I decide to see if I could get a head shot; I got him in the throat. And then, with my last shot of the day â€" bingo!

Next up will be a trip back to the gun club to see how I can do at 200, 300, and 400 yds. However, so far I really like the new rear sight. I don’t know if this aperture is bigger, or slightly further back on the rifle, or both. However, with the regular rear sight and my regular cheek weld, I never could get close enough to get a ghost ring. With the new rear sight, I can easily center the front sight hood in the center of the rear sight aperture, with light visible all the way around it. I’m hoping this will increase my accuracy.
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