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    After I started carrying a few years ago, through trial and error, I became a 3:00, zero cant, OWB man. I didn’t even really try appendix carry because of the usual excuses: my gun is too big; my belly is certainly too big; it can’t be comfortable; you can shoot your “boys†off. As a result, my attire in late spring, summer, and early fall was almost always a T-shirt with an open covering shirt on top. Even carrying IWB was usually too noticeable under just an untucked polo, T-shirt, or buttoned-up collared shirt at 3:00.

    However, a week ago my oldest son got a Galco Stow-N-Go for his Glock 19. He came into the room in jeans and a T-shirt and said, "Well?" To which I replied, "Well what?" And then he says, "Can you see it?" Just as I started to realize what we were talking about, he raised his T-shirt to reveal his gun in the new holster at the 1:00 position. Now, he does not have a gut like me, but he’s not skinny either. I was really impressed with how well the gun was hidden.

    And then, after reading a thread on another forum this afternoon about appendix carry for “husky†guys, I started experimenting with my Sig P229, in my Galco Triton holster this evening. I’m really surprised how well it feels, and conceals, in dress pants, with a dress (NOT gun) belt, under a plain white dress shirt. I may have to get a leather AIWB holster, and give it a real try.

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    AIWB is something I have considered off and on for some time. Primarily for deep concealment since I openly carry most days.

    I figure an advantage is it keeps my firearm in front of me and easier to retain control of. But at the same time it's harder to hide your draw, unlike if you were carrying at 4:00 IWB which is my usual setup.

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    Circa 2008 for me. You have to give your body time to adjust to having a gun riding there. Sometimes it takes a week or more, and then will become comfortable.

    For my body type, the longer the holster the better it rides. The short holsters pinch and hit me wrong in the pelvis. Currently carrying a HK P30S in a Custom Carry Concepts Shaggy or a Shield 9 in a Keepers Errand. I also like a foam wedge at the bottom of the holster for comfort and safety reasons.

    Good luck. Appendix isn't for everyone.
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    App. carry is my preference in the warmer months, break out the paddle holsters in the cooler weather.
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    I've tried AIWB carry with a Galco Trident with a P229 and it sucked. Then again, I wasn't a huge fan of the Trident for any position, it moved around too much. Similar experiences with any single-clip holster.

    If you want to give AIWB a good try, there are some rather outstanding options for holsters. Granted they're a tad pricey and there's going to be a wait time, but are well worth it. In all honesty, you need a holster purpose-built for AIWB to really appreciate how easy it can be to carry there. Too many businesses/people push AIWB holsters that are just rebranded IWB and are less than ideal for the task.

    Highly recommended AIWB holsters:

    - JM Custom Kydex AIWB (the most recommended by many)
    - CCC Shaggy
    - 5-Shot Leather SME

    Those are among the top-tier offerings IMO. You can find some other suitable candidates, but research and ensure they're actually selling a purpose-built AIWB holster. It truly does make all the difference.

    Here's one good video on AIWB carry:

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    Actually, it's considerably far easier to do a "low-profile" draw with appendix carry versus a normal 3-4 o'clock IWB carry. Takes a little practice, and generally helps when you're not under direct observation. There is a considerable speed advantage to drawing in a pinch though too.

    Generally if you see an arm inching back or make a wide "drawing arc", you'll know what's coming a mile off. With AIWB you can far easier "ease" the gun out without showing your hand, so to speak.
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    That's an understatement. Appendix carry reminds me of Thunderwear and I don't care for that either!
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    After losing twenty pounds I can now carry appendix again. Still not the most comfortable but extremely concealable