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    I have a car coming up for registration renewal, however it is not operable right now and will not pass a vehicle inspection (actually I guess it technically could but I wouldn't want to test it out). I thought there was something you could fill out to declare it inoperable and thus be exempt from registration and fees, but I can't find it. Is there anything like this or am I mis-remembering?
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    I think you just have to file an affidavit with the tag office stating to the effect it is broken. Call the tag office and verify....

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    If you declare the vehicle to be inoperable, will that affect your right to keep it at home, in the driveway? Many neighborhoods have covenants, and many cities and counties have ordinances and codes, against parking vehicles in yards or driveways or along the roads UNLESS the vehicles are licensed, insured, and in running condition.
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    Thanks Rugerer, that's what I was thinking of.

    gunsmoker I doubt anyone will really care in our neighborhood. It still "looks nice" from the curb except for a bashed-in hood which you can't really see. And if it became a problem I could put it in the garage.
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    Yup just let the DMV know.

    If you have a HoA that requires tags either put it in the garage or turn it around so the missing plate isn't facing the street.

    As long as it does look like this no one should give you crap:

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    Just a tip. if you plan on keeping it in your driveway back it in so the plate faces away from the street and make sure the tires stay inflated. Gwinnett county code enforcement wrote me a warning earlier this year for having a "junk car" on my property. According to county code any inoperable vehicle must be stored in a closed garage. My tags were expired and one of the tires were flat. It is our 3rd car that we drive if the other cars are out of commission. That along with grass that was a bit too long earned me a warning. The grass was long because it rained a bunch and I wasn't able to mow for a few weekends. They gave me a week to get the lawn mowed and the car either "fixed" or into the garage. Otherwise it would have been a $1000 fine.

    I am pretty sure no one in my neighborhood called because they wrote warnings to a quite few of us.