Increasing Frequency of EBT Card System Outages and Delays

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    Whether these Welfare Benefits outages are accidental or deliberately calculated they have a strong chance of creating some serious spontaneous violent outbursts and even riots and other unpleasantness in places like grocery stores and Walmart. Be prepared to protect you and yours.

    Before you say it can’t happen it already has. Remember the last time the Congressional Republicans shut the government down over the budget? Obama & Co. fired this little warning shot across their bow and the Republicans caved faster than the Iraqi Army.

    Remember this:

    The Democrats and Republicans are freaked out about the increasingly probability of Trump getting elected and kicking them off the gravy train. Don’t think that these cornered rats will not “Wag the Dog†in all sorts of ways to attempt to stay in power. If some plebes get hurt or killed is of no consequence to them.
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    And remember, suppose the nationwide debit/credit card system got hacked and all shut down for a couple days/week or 2.

    Do you have that extra jar of peanut butter in the cabinet?

    Suppose it was the entire electric grid? If you have not watched the National Geographic movie/documentary/drama in the past, might want to hunt it up and sit through the 2 hours or so.


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    There are so many things that might get one in trouble on this video if commented what probably 70% of us are thinking. I will say that I hope she does not procreate and this is really pathetic.


    I have often figured that the terrorists wanted to hit us crashing the ebt and food stamp and so forth would be the way to do it. Many people in that situation have no food saved or anything and look to uncle sugar to handle everything.

    Think of it all the rioting in major cities would occupy law enforcement and the national guard. Now most of the weapons places and nuclear plants are not in major cities. You have the diversion and then carry out the attack.

    I believe during wwI the germans tried to turn black soldiers against us by dropping leafleats or some propaganda about how the us treats them ( and it was pretty badly then)
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    When cool hand speaks, I listen