I'm think about building a semi-auto cetme

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by jason1, Jun 28, 2007.

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    I was think about buying a cetme parts kit from CIA.I have been wanting one for a long time but there so high priced that I can't pay for one. Today I was looking at my CIA dealer paper that I got two days ago that list all of the C&R rifles and part kits. I have question about the parts kits,on the CIA paper it says all NFA rules apply what does this mean.If it doesn't have the evil full-auto receiver then how can the NFA rules apply and do I need to use a SOT for the transfer of the parts kit if the NFA does apply. :?

    I have never built a rifle from parts kit and I just don't want to brake the law
    what kind steps do I need to do in make a firearm with the ATF or anything you guys can think of to stay out of club fed,I wanna stay legal at all cost.
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    I am not a lawyer, but my guess would be that it is just the standard legal disclaimer.

    The NFA does more than just regulate fully automatic firearms. It also regulates barrel length (short barrelled rifles and shotguns) as well as silencers/suppressors.

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    It says that because the kit still probably contains the full auto sear and trigger components which are NFA items if you use them in conjuction with a full auto receiver. A lot of military parts kits say that mainly as a C.Y.A. thing for the people selling them. I've bought several AK kits and all of them came with the original F/A fire control parts. I just tossed them and replaced them with a US made FCG for 922 compliance.