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dunkel said:
gunsmoker said:
If you're not part of , you're part of the problem!

MY RESPONSE: So you're going out of your way to take this moment to insult the couple million gun owners in Georgia who are NOT members?
Way to go, dude. :roll:
Let's call them ignorant and lazy while we're at it. Forget about whether it's true or not, or partially true for some people. What-ever. You're not doing GCO any good by talking this way.
You don't get people to join your group by saying, "HEY, I'M PART OF THE COOL LITTLE GROUP AND YOU'RE NOT, YOU LOSER. ANYBODY NOT IN MY GROUP IS MY ENEMY."
What if we just say "if you're not a member, you're not part of the solution"?
I can think of a couple non-members in Oconee county that have done more for "the solution" than many (heck, probably the vast majority of) GCO members ever will.
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