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I'm not sure where to stick this I have a C&R I need to

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Ok guys I have a C&R FFL and I need to sell non-C&R firearms because I'm need of cash.Here is my question, If the firearms I bought was before I got my C&R FFL do I need to log them in on my transaction records even if there not C&R firearms or can I treat this as a private sell like a unlicensee can.Or do I need to do a NICS on the person I sell my firearms to.

I should know this stuff but I really have never used my C&R FFL and my firearm book has about 457 pages on firearm laws so its hard to find every thing that I need to know.
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Your license is completely irrelevant with regard to non-C&R firearms. Just don't sell to anyone that you know or suspect is ineligible to own such a weapon.
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