I'm in love.....with my new Sub 2000

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by EARN, Jun 10, 2007.

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    Friday I met SteelHorse at his shop and bought his .40 cal Sub 2000. Never been fired until this afternoon. As you can see below it has grey furniture. It takes Beretta magazines I got 8 20 round Pro Mag's from SteelHorse. I was told on another board that these mag's are know for having issues. I had no problems at all. My range report is below the picture so for a first impression range report read on.



    Surprisingly the Pro Mag's worked like a freakin champ, HOWEVER the supplied 10 round mag that came with it caused a jam everytime I used it. It's a very tight fit when I insert it into the Sub. It's almost like it needs to be greased to get it to slide in. I'll be sitting it to the side and not using it.

    I can't believe how acurate this thing is just with the factory sights. I noticed once I tried for a long shot it seems to shoot to the left. A closer shot and it's right on. I'm guessing it's adjusted for a close shot out ofthe box? This is my first experience with a rifle other then a BB gun as a kid.

    The gun does feel kind of short when I'm shooting but I don't have a problem getting it lined up and hitting on target. I have to almost rest my face on the butt to be able to see down the tube. I went to the range with 250 shells and came home empty handed. I think I only shot 4x6 through the Chief's special. The kick was almost not noticable. Shoulder is feeling fine and ready for more.

    I know what I will be buying first: Some kind of scope
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    But if you get a scope then you can't fold it back up #-o

    My dad has one of those and I like it. Extremely low recoil due to its use of pistol rounds accompanied by a rifle stock. Nice gun man!

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    Depends on the scope if it will fold. Keltec makes a part that let's the scope fold over to the side out of the way.

    Spring loaded mount allows the scope to fold
    to the side while the rifle is folded. The scope
    springs back into position when the rifle is unfolded.
    Scope mount accepts 1" diameter scopes (Not included).