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I've seen/heard of some pretty crazy stuff in the past year that has really hit home. It's getting disturbing how far criminals are taking things nowadays.....

For instance, there's a really cool old-timer that runs a garage that's right up the street. The front half of the building is a the garage, and the rear half is his home. Well one morning he was just getting the coffee going in the garage when he heard the gravel crunching behind and beside the building, which he knew to mean someone had just pulled out from the land behind his bulding and went to the front. He slipped his 9mm into his pocket and went outside to see a cab park halfway between him and the road (~30 yards away). A hispanic jumped out of each front door and each ran in separate directions, and another jumped out from the back holding some stuff in his hands. The hispanic guy walked up to within ~5 yards of the man, threw the stuff, and ran into the woods along the street. The man looked at the stuff that was thrown, and realized it was a wallet and papers from a man. The police are called, and turns out the hispanics were members of MS13 and had kidnapped the cabbie from Atlanta earlier in the week, killed the guy, and dumped the body far back on the land behind the garage. The man refused to testify for fear of lethal retribution, but last I heard he was going to be subpeona'd regardless. I can easily walk the distance to this man's garage.....

Then there's this one that's still in the news: I worked with a man for a long time up until a few months ago. He is homosexual and lives with his "husband", Barry. Well his Barry left to go out in the morning halfway through this last December and disappeared. All the news sites I can find make no mention of any new leads, but after speaking to Barry's S.O. , it appears that Barry was carjacked that morning, the carjackers stole his wallet and whatever else they could get, blew the back of Barry's head off, and dumped his body in a lake (in Birmingham, Alabama I believe). The carjackers have been video'd in stores where they have used his credit cards, but no arrests have been able to be made yet. Barry and his S.O. were/are incredible people, and it has really shocked everyone that this happened to them.

A sidenote is that I have been talking with people about these events, and it has really made some people accept the reality that our world is a dangerous place and that things like this could happen to them easily. Many have made mention of considering getting a gun, but it's frustrating that very few, if any, probably will follow through.

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