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    The Court of Appeals of Georgia has denied a GCO member’s motion for reconsideration of its decision that probate judges, though required to issue GFLs within 60 days of application, may wait indefinitely to issue GFLs.

    BUT ...

    In the Senate Immigration Bill currently being debated completion of background checks are not required for probationary legal status of illegal immigrants. Says Alabama's Sen. Jeff Sessions:


    No legal status will be given to any potential GFL holder until all appropriate background checks are complete. But legal status will be given to any illegal alien even if all appropriate background checks are not complete.

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    Just as confused as I am...

    So the court has no control over whether or not the fed will process the fingerprints, which is true.

    60 days does not mean 60 days if the fingerprints are delayed or never even come back. Regardless of local delays in sending or processing. Which means if NCIC or GCIC quit processing fingerprints for any reason, then by this ruling no licenses can be granted to anyone until the law is changed to edit out the problem or they start taking fingerprints again.

    Basically the appeals court said, a time limit of 60 days only matters if they can get it done in 60 days. If it takes longer, that is ok.

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    Well, how are you going to know without a lawsuit, and who will risk a lawsuit if the rule is that there is no time limit?

    GCO is asking the Georgia Supreme Court to take this case up on appeal. It is discretionary as to whether they will do so.