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    So, last weekend my son competed in the JROTC Raider Nationals at the Gerald Lawson BSA Camp on the Flint River. Having to work Saturday, I was kinda sad that I'd have to miss the event. Well, I got to thinking about it, and made the decision to go ahead and call out of work for Saturday nite. Then I was up at 6am to make the drive down.

    It was one of the best decisons I made.

    I was not only able to watch him compete, but was able to get some awesome pics of the event.

    Of course, the two pics I was not able to get was

    1-the look on his face when he looked around and saw that I was there, after I told him I wouldn't be due to work, and
    2- the look on his face when, after the days events were done and I was about to head out, when I told him how proud I was of him for how he did.
    All in all, it was a great time. And, being the proud dad, I've got to post some of the pics on here...gotta brag on my boy.... :D

    Here they are on the Cross Country Rescue course, he's the one on the back waiting for the packs to come down..

    The team waiting to do the Rope Bridge

    The team on the Rope Bridge, he's last one in line.
    On a side note, Just to prove they had the best bridge in the state, all other teams I watched who had this many people on the rope at one time were dipping down in the river. I was listening to all the people around me marvel at how good there bridge was, parents and competitors alike.
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    Congrats! :righton: Tell him thank you as well from all of us.

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    He'll never forget that you were there. A good decision with long lasting consequences. Congrats to you both!