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Liberals know tbey have big problems with Hillary as a candidate, so they go after Trump & try to tie him to Russia. These emails that supposedly were hacked by Russia show just how corrupt Hillary and her minions in the DNC really are. They can't defend the emails so they change the subject to "it isn't the is who hacked them and why were they hacked".

I watched some of the DNC convention and every guest they interviewed accused Trump of treason because he jokingly said that maybe Russia could find Hillary's 33000 missing emails. Funny stuff unless you are a Democrat blindsided by the wikileaks email dump. The only person who commited acts of treason in this race is Hillary.

...oh, and to answer the op's question of who the perfect president would be for Russia, the answer is Barack Obama. He has backed down from Putin every time there has been conflict with Russia...every damn time!
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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