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Obviously, since the current laws didn't prevent this from happening, stronger gun control laws are required! As Sarah would say, another innocent life lost because of gun violence!

And: It didn't have to happen... Why did they have to kill him??? He was such a good boy. He was never in any 'serious' trouble. He had been talking about looking for a job... He was trying to turn his life around.. He....... :puke:

Ice Cream Theft Leads To Fatal Shootout With Police

POSTED: 5:11 pm EDT May 27, 2007
UPDATED: 8:39 am EDT May 28, 2007

SOUTH FAIRMOUNT -- Cincinnati police are investigating a shooting incident that occurred around 4:30 p.m. Sunday.

Officers were called to a United Dairy Farmers store after the clerk said someone stole ice cream from the store.

"He was running like he had a bag of money.
I didn't know what he was holding. I didn't know it was ice cream," one witness said.

As officers arrived, they said, the suspect came back to the store for a spoon and was detained. While searching the man, police said, he took off running, pulled out a gun and opened fire as he ran.

"He turned back and started popping and turned his gun at the officer and shot two shots," the witness said.

Police Chief Tom Streicher said four officers returned fire at some point in the foot pursuit, and the suspect was hit at least once.

Officials said the suspect collapsed in the middle of Queen City Avenue. He was pronounced dead a short time later.

Queen City Avenue at Grand Avenue was closed while police search the crime scene for evidence.

Many witnesses were in the area at the time and they are being questioned by police.

Several restaurants along Queen City Avenue in the area also had to be cleared out.

The suspect's name has not been released.

"Ice cream? You know, all that for some ice cream? It's just silly,"
Mar Thomas said.

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I hereby nominate this guy for a Darwin award. Can I get a second?
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