IDPA in North Atlanta (OTP)

Discussion in 'GENERAL EVENTS' started by budder, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. budder

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    I went to shoot IDPA with these guys: at Bulls Eye in Cumming tonight. It was my first time shooting proper IDPA and it was a lot of fun. Everyone was friendly and made sure I understood the rules. Really, the only problem was that powder on teh floor made it a bit slippery, but that was expected. They have it there every two weeks, alternating Mondays and Wednesdays.

    The group also has weekly IDPA shoots every Wednesday at ACM ... ?range=232 so I will try to make it this week and see if this group (which is mostly the same people) is as much fun. I didn't catch what time this shoot was, though I imagine that it's at 7, like the BE group. If anyone's interested in joining me this week or in two week's time at BE, please let me know! I need something to do so I don't spend all my time worrying about my GFL application. ;)
  2. pyromaster

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    I thought it was only once a month at ACM. What time do they start on Wed? Please let us know your opinions. I'm looking to try IDPA there but I usually work until 7 -7:30

  3. Dan H

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    I thought this was on Tuesday nights from 7-9? I shot with these guys a while back and had a good time, but I swore it was on a tuesday unless it has changed now...
  4. Mastino177

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    I'm interested and off on Wednesday...let me know.

    Anyone want to meet up around Newnan and carpool?
  5. budder

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    pyro, a couple of the guys last night told me that it was every Wednesday. Also, I called ACM to be sure and he said they shot there every Wednesday around 7 and to show up around 6:30, so I guess they've changed the schedule.

    Mastino, I'll be going, barring some crazy thing popping up. I'll be the guy with a plastic bag instead of one of those fancy shmancy range bags you have to buy! I spend all my money on ammo! How am I supposed to afford a bag :?: Also, I'm up in Sandy Springs, so I guess I'm no help in the carpool department.
  6. I WANNA GO!!!

    can anyone provide an address and a set time/cost ???
  7. budder

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    Sheesh, do I have to do everything for you? :roll: :roll:

    ;) 5305 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.
    Norcross, GA 30092

    Google map:

    Shootin' starts at 7. Show up at 6:30 for new shooter's orientation and to get prepped. $15. If you're not a member of IDPA, you can shoot the first time. All other time you'll need to be a member (though I didn't see the other group checking for memberships). It's not like IDPA is a particularly expensive membership, in any case:
  8. crap, i work in north alpharetta and i dont think i could make it there in time.
  9. budder

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    :( This is what sick leave is for! Or...
  10. budder

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    Well, that was fun. A few more people at the AMC shoot, but we got to do more stages even then. Of course, they only have 3 target stands, so it goes a lot faster than the BE shoot. I think I prefer the BE shoot, so I'll mainly be going to that in the future. I hope to see some of you guys at the next one!