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I'd swear that's a GCO sticker on the window...

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Got this in an email this morning: Truck tailgate full of bumper stickers... Look carefully in the bottom right corner of the window.

I linked it because there's language that may offend some thin-skinned, whinny-assed douche bag. ;) Oh, and forum rules and all.
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I don't see the shape of the state of Georgia behind the minuteman.
Did GCO have some older version of its logo that looked like this?
The current version has the State.

It's sure not an NRA or Second Amendment Foundation sticker.

Maybe the sticker is from some other state grassroots gun rights group?
Dunno. It's the same minuteman, red ring with white letters, and I can make out some sort of shape behind the minuteman.
Wasn't phaed in/from Arizona? or something. :lol:
Wolfram said:

Would be my guess?
Ahhh... I think you're right.
Yeah, it could always be Phaed. I think the guy should tell us how he really feels about Obama. :p

I saw a truck almost just like this in Covington. It had some really funny bumper stickers on it.
MAN this guy loves Obama!! lol I've laughed so hard just now reading and looking at this guys truck. I can NOt forget to give him an honorable mention for the custom LIc plate tag. If I didn't know any better he may be the guy who tossed the book..
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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