I would rather be a suspect than a corpse

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    What a lame article.

    1) It's the LA Times, a left of left of everything.
    2) None of them fired and were prepared to protect themselves and those around them.
    3) The LEO had to look at video. Ok, that's their job. If one of the licensed carriers had been confronted by the shooter, they would have done the LEO's job for them.
    4) Another case of the left hyping their own hype. A works with B where A makes a statement, B writes an article on it, A C D & E carry the article around as fact based evidence.

    I'm impressed!

  3. gunsmoker

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    yeah, the cops' job would be SO MUCH EASIER if nobody except other cops had guns.
    It's so horrible that armed citizens appeared on the store security video, forcing cops to waste their time identifying them and sorting out the good guys from the bad guys.

    (Hint to cops: You exist to catch criminals. Sorting out criminals from non-criminals is your %&%^& job! If you can't do that without bitching and moaning or trying to restrict people's rights, find another line of work! Go be florists or baristas or elevator inspectors or something.)

    To the Los Angeles Times:

    Eff you! You are traitors to your country, enemies of our constitutional republic, and a force of great evil. Leftistm and collectivism is evil. And you promote it at every opportunity. *&&% you all.
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    The shooter left quickly, and was gone by the time the police arrived. Maybe he left because some of his targets were armed.

    The only thing affected by the police having to spend time reviewing the videos was the time it took to write their reports. I would also assume they would review all of the tapes either way, you know looking for clues and stuff.
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    And in other news at a church in Texas.......