I was naughty today...

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Sine Nomen, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Sine Nomen

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    I took the day off from work today and made a trip to Adventure Outdoors to have my Kahr inspected and cleaned after it's unplanned swim. I knew that going there was a bad idea. While I waited for the gunsmith to return for lunch, I found a Mossberg 500 and a SIG Mosquito that I simply could not leave behind. I also really fell in love with the SIG 229. If the Mosquito works out for me, the 229 will likely be my next pistol for open carry. I'll try to post some pictures when(if) I ever get my camera phone back from AT&T.
  2. Cavediver

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    Congrats! My wife has a Mosquito. FYI, it's a little picky with ammo; Federal Automatch ($12/350 at midway) seems to be the be one of the better ammo choices for us. We've tried cci minimags, Federal cheapos, American eagle and a couple of others. The CCI works pretty well and is available locally; occasional FTF & rare FTEs. The Federal works better (no FTFs or FTEs after ~300 rounds), but I have to mail order it.