I want to recommend a book to you....

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    OK i know we have alot of young folks and im sure some of the older people can use this as well....Im not sure how many of you have heard of dave ramsey or listen to him on 640 in the afternoons

    He is just a down to earth guy that says he gives you money advice like your grandmother would....I just finhsied reading his book the total money makeover I recommend it anyone who wants to get their finances on track get out of debt It will be the best thing you have ever done.


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    I also recommend this book to people who wish have their pockets a little more full. i even give it as gifts to the new college graduates in my social circle
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    I think this book is a great eye opener about finances and use it as a good baseline. I do think there are better ways to have your money work for you after you have eliminated bad debt but for getting out of debt and building up savings this strategy is very sound.
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    But this is the part people do not want to do . . . and Dave Ramsey helps people to realize what they are doing by spending money they do not have.

    Act your wage!