I need help from a criminal prosecuting attorney

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  1. Schweisshund

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    I can only reveal the details in private message. This is an urgent matter and I cannot offer anything of monetary value. I am a house painter by trade but have been out of practice for several years. I need help drafting a letter and possible representation for placing an RO on a convicted felon. Details are *disturbing*

    I would prefer that the prosecuting attorney be a father but is not necessary.

    thanks in advance.
  2. bdee

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    Good luck, doesn't sound good

  3. gunsmoker

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    used to be

    I used to be a felony prosecuting attorney.

    If you want to email me the details, I'll give you my off-the-top-of-my-head ideas. I can't represent you (or anybody) pro bono, but I might have some input that could be useful for you to put in your own pleadings / arguments in court. I've prosecuted child abuse, child molestation, etc. cases.

    Do you still have my biz card?
  4. Schweisshund

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    I think I still do GS and thanks. Give me some time to send you the info.