I love my wife...

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by DrGlock, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. DrGlock

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    Well, I went ti our local gun store and was going to place an order for a couple Stoeger Cougers (a few of my buddies also wanted one), and walked out with a new Beretta 92FS.
    Shot a few hundred rounds thru it, wonderful pistol. It came with 2- 10 round mags, guess Ill have to by some aftermarkets!

    Anyway, my wife didn't bat an eye. She just informed me it was time for her to get her hair done (not a cheap ordeal) and said it was a "nice looking" gun.

    Understand, Im from New York and over the past 8 months ive purchased 1 shotgun and now 6 handguns. :screwy:

    I love my wife more than ever!!! :love:

  2. Macktee

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    My wife usually just shakes her head and asks, "How much this time?"

    Quickly followed by, "No! Don't even tell me!"

    Good woman. Think I'll keep her... as long as she's willing to keep me....!