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I learned two lessons at the range today

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I learned two important lessons at the range today.

1) If I’m going to shoot revolvers in double action, and semi autos in the same range visit, shoot the semi autos first. After 100 rounds and revolvers in double action, I was jerking the trigger on my semi autos for a mad or two.

2) G10 grips on my J-Frame, and original grips on my Colt Police Positive Special look great, but they are fore fun and comfortable to shoot with oversized Pachmayr runner grips.
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Grips with finger grooves, and with enough length to get your pinky finger solidly planted, help a lot.
That being said, smaller grips that leave the gun's grip frame exposed on the back and bottom are the easiest to conceal.
3) Need more practice with the transition from DAR to Semi Auto.
Learn to shoot with revolver in the right and semi in the left. Accurately. Switch hands. Keep learning.

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After 100 double action rounds through my Colt Police Positive, is was squeezing a little to hard on the trigger on my XDm and pulling to the right.

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That doesn't come from squeezing to hard (after all, the shot will fire sooner before you finish the anticipated squeeze).
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