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I voted for him last Nov, despite his time in the prosecutors office. All has been well since Jan and now he's getting real good.


Among the priorities of a new Virginia congressman: Void D.C.’s strict gun laws
By Fenit Nirappil March 21

A freshman Republican congressman from Virginia has introduced legislation to void the District’s strict gun laws as one of his first bills, sparking a retort from Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) that he should pay more attention to the lax gun laws in his own state.

Rep. Thomas Garrett’s bill, filed March 15, would eliminate the District’s prohibition on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines while making it easier for residents and visitors to carry concealed firearms.

The bill is the House counterpart to legislation reintroduced this year by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.)

“My citizens should be able to come to their capital and protect themselves, just the way they can at home,†said Garrett, a former state senator who represents Charlottesville and a conservative swath of central and southern Virginia. “This should be something that D.C. leadership looks at. It’s their responsibility to protect their citizens.â€
Click the link above. This is 15% of the article with lots more good info.

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Ah, Eleanor Holmes Norton. Another on that list of "how do these idiots keep getting reelected."
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