I have a question about having a C&R FFL

Discussion in 'GA Laws and Politics' started by jason1, Dec 21, 2006.

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    I have had the C&R application for about two months but I'm not sure If I want to turn it in because I'm a afraid that the ATF has the right to come in my home without even asking permission to and check my C&R books.I thought once I sign the C&R and send it in I give up my fourth amendment rights just like a class three weapons we all love. I don't want the ATF to know what I have in my own home and were did I get this stuff. So am I wrong or right.

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    As for 3 at least around here, your home/garage would have to be zoned commercial for you to have walk-in business in your home (and thus allow the ATF to walk into your home). That is what killed many part time FFL's.
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    OK. I've heard this argument before. I have a C&R and all the books at home, but I'm just going to paraphrase what I do know for sure... all the material is on the atf.treas site

    They can request to inspect your C&R firearms once a year. It doesn't mean they will. I have heard online of a few people having them... the likelihood is very small IMO. You can arrange to have the inspection take place at your residence OR at a local BATFE office. No illegal search or seizure! This inspection pertains only to those C&R firearms (50+ years old) that you purchased or sold/traded while you had the license. Nothing else... not your AR you bought before or after. Not your musket you bought 30 years earlier, unless you sold it while you had your license.

    So you are wrong. You give up nothing. Well, I suppose you give up a bit since you have to record transactions on C&R firearms that you buy/sell/trade while you have your license, but they cannot come to your home unnanounced. If they want to inspect your firearms and books, you can bring them to the ATF office... no search at all.

    It's worth it. 30 bucks? Hell, when you get it, send copies to Brownells, Midway, AIM, Century. You'll get more flyers from gun dealers than you know what to do with. From Midway and Brownells you can get crazy discounts on reloading equipment, optics and tons of other stuff. You don't even have to buy any guns to get your 30 bucks back + more! The Southern Ohio Gun flyer has a lot more prices and info on their flyers than you can possibly see online... so you can also get good deals on non C&R firearms you purchase and have sent to your FFL.

    Don't worry. Go for it... it's probably the best damn thing there is in firearms today. It's cheaper than a GFL and you'll get it 6x as fast since the office is right here in ATL. :D
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    thank guys

    I just want to make darn sure that the gun grabbing ATF can't enter my home without my permission.I was reading what the ATF can do with law abiding citizens that cross there path.One more question how do deal with the CLEO on give him his one green paper to let him know whats going on in my home should I mail it or take it to his office in town.Guys I'm new at this so please help.P.S I heard one more internet rumor about the CLEO needs to sign off on it but thats not true :D LOL. I'm going for it thanks all of you for clearing this stuff up. This will be so cool having a GFL and C&R at the same time making sure that I will never need to do a background check again as long as I keep all of this updated I can just say pick one to my local c/2 FFL. :)
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    Just remember, the Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act of 2006 have no need for a judges signature. LOL :p
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    Re: thank guys

    In regards to CLEO receipt of the copy the ATF requires you to provide. We have several FFL's here in the County and they bring them to me. I shred them when I get them. There is no requirement that I do anything with it, just that I have to get it from the FFL. Mailing it (certified return receipt) or hand delivery to the CLEO's office would suffice in regards to the notification requirement.

    On another note, ATF takes the requirements of running a licensed dealership VERY serioiusly. There is a large store in Athens that has had it's license revoked after ATF alledged inventory and paperwork violations. If you have license I can assure you that ATF expects 100% compliance.