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Burglar killed by homeowner

Oct 23, 2007 08:29 PM EDT

UPDATE: Burglar killed by homeowner
Burglar killed by homeowner after break in stand off

Lawton police have towed away a truck that they say may have been involved in the shooting in the 1700 block of Northwest 70th that has left one person dead.

Deputy Chief James Apple says a family came home and found a burglar in their house. Apple says there was some type of confrontation between the family and the burglar, and it led to shots fired.

A neighbor says the homeowner was on the phone with the police holding the burglar on the front lawn until authorities arrived. But, the burglar moved and he fired - killing the intruder.

Eyewitnesses say they thought the two were just goofing around until they found out the burglar was shot and killed. Now, they say it looked like self defense. Police have finished for the day at the scene, and we'll bring you more in a live report tonight on 7News 10.
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